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The Tester Season 2 - Episode 2 - Loft Brouhaha

For those who missed Episode 1 you can see my review here.

Last week, two contestants were eliminated, Boo and Max1m leaving 10 contestants in the race to be the next Playstation Tester.

The week’s challenge brings the contestants to the historic Edwards Air Force Base, where the testing of several airplanes is done. The future testers are divided into two teams, Red and White.

White : Big Fazeek, Mo chocolate, 8-bit Mickey, Ches-Ka and Fantasy girl.
Red : Gaymer, Samurai, War Princess, Tripplethreat and Scooter.

All challengers are drilled by air force members to learn Drill orders and how to execute them in the hot 110 F Temperature. One member of the Red team drops out of the drills because of the heat. Once completed the challengers had one hour to come up with their own drill using at least 5 of the 10 “moves” that was taught to them by the Drill sergeant.

Following that both teams performed their drill in front of the usual judges, and the guest judge for this week, Ted Price, Founder of Insomniac Games.

The Red team’s performance wasn’t the best, War Princess certainly stood out from the crowd. One thing that hurt the red team is their choice of not using the supplied “guns” for their drill, making things less interesting.

The White team’s performance was more accurate then the Red’s, and they made an interesting choice to split their group into two different drills. One half of the team doing the drill, and the other half simply standing there with a military salute.

Ultimately, the judge’s favoured the white team’s performance, which wouldn’t of been my choice, but the White team played with their weak players, and had them participate in a way that wouldn’t hamper the Team’s performance and got the Win. The Winning team not only got Saved from elimination, but also won a new Sony Cybershot camera, and a signed copy of both Ratchet & Clank and Resistance 2.

After the challenge, the players are back at the Loft where we get to see a little Chaos going on between Big Fazeek and the Hot Dangerousthreat Triplethreat. For those interested in seeing more from the Life in the Loft, you can access small webclips here.

As For the Player eliminated this week, I’ll leave you watch the episode but add this : The player basically threw him/herself under the bus. Be sure to read lower if you want to participate in our small Gamble.

This episode was certainly more interesting then the last, the challenge was more dynamic and required a group effort. There was certainly that bit of Chaos in the PS loft that made things interesting too.

For those interested in participating in a small wager, we are having a gamble at who is going to be the Next Playstation Tester winner; you have until November 15th to vote. Only 1 vote/point donation per person.

See This post for all details for the Wager.

Stay tuned next week my Next review of The Tester Season 2.