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What’s More Important? The Brand? Or The Developer?

I like to spend most days reading about what goes on in the games industry, when of course I’m not either busy playing games or my family taking up much of my time. I guess you like to do the same hence you’re here reading this.

However, there was an article posted on CVG (source below) which has quoted Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz talking about the COD: Black Ops launch: “We believe the title’s strong start validates our view that the Call of Duty franchise brand has become more important than the studio behind any individual title, increasing our conviction that Call of Duty can be successful again in 2011 despite the personnel departures from developer Infinity Ward earlier this year.”

My first reaction was that this was a very ignorant comment. How can you state that the brand of the game is more important than the developer? OK – take a breather, step back and have a think on what is being said. Right, I’ve had a think and you know what I think he might be right.

I’m not one to select between developer or game due to politics in the games industry, but this is the norm. It happens regularly. Where does it happen I hear you say? You all do listen to music don’t you? Soundtracks on a game? You can’t miss OST for movies?

Yes, that’s right – who is bigger? The sound engineer that made the music or the artist that performs on the music track? I like to create debates with my post, and I like to see how readers react. But Doug is right – people recognise the brand first, and if they’re knowledgeable – then the developer.

Let me know of your thoughts. I’d like to see what you think.