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The Weekly Recap (October 24th-30th)

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I’m going to post the three past Weekly Recaps in quick succession, so know that they are all from different weeks and not triple posting. I swear, this week, I will get it done in time! Here are the week’s highlights:

  • The PlayStation Rewards beta was announced, with a few details; and began later
  • A standalone 320GB PS3 became available to purchase
  • Blackstaffer gave us another opinion (on Activision)
  • There was talks that Apple could buy Sony
  • Reviews for Smackdown vs Raw 2011 and the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption
  • An Uncharted novel was announced
  • A PlayStation Phone may be in development

[tab:Community News]

No real new features, but the Konami Code is working on the site again. Flood your screen with sharks and ninjas if you so choose. You can even play Asteroids!

Tosh, of course, updated and reminded us a few times about the Costume and Carving contest, but the winners had since been chosen (you can see who won on the Nov. 7th recap).

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[tab:Gaming News]

Killzone 3 Beta Multiplayer Classes and Abilities
Eddie – October 24th

Sony’s ‘PlayStation Rewards’ Will Be in Beta Starting October 28th
EdEN – October 27th

Naked 320GB PS3 is Here!
Luke – October 28th

Sly Cooper Collection Will Release On November 9th
EdEN – October 28th

Playstation Rewards Beta Invites Are Going Out Now
Eddie – October 28th

The Golden Joystick Awards for 2010 Have Been Announced
Oly – October 29th

New LBP Servers are Live
Oly – October 29th

COD: BlackOps Emblems All Revealed
Oly – October 29th

Apple’s Money Burning Holes in Their Pockets, May Bid for Adobe, Facebook, Sony, Disney…Wait…Sony???
Eddie – October 25th

Harmonix losing some respect points with Rock Band 3
mairondil – October 26th

Activision Shafts PS3 Users (Again) (Black Ops)
Blackstaffer – October 28th

Best of PS2: Awards of the Awards
Darrin – October 28th

10 Years of PlayStation 2
Sakinah – October 26th

Sony Suggests That PS3 Skype is a Possibility
Eddie – October 25th

Halloween Pets in PS HOME
Oly – October 25th

Blacklight Tango Down Infiltrates PSN Tomorrow
Eddie – October 25th

Killzone 3 Helghast Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses
Jay – October 28th

Official Review: Smackdown vs Raw 2011
Jay – October 26th

Review: Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare DLC
MAINEiac4434 – October 29th

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Launch Trailer Including New Creatures!
Oly – October 25th

Explodemon, Another PSN Exclusive!
Luke – October 27th

New Killzone 3 Alpha Gameplay clips Emerge, Looks Stunning
Ace – October 27th

Download The Tester 2, Win Some Prizes
Ace – October 26th

Uncharted 3 – World of Deceit Rumor (Update – Not Real, Info Below)
Eddie – October 24th

PlayStation Phone
Darrin – October 26th

Uncharted Novel Announced
Eddie – October 28th


More PSP2 Rumors
Eddie – October 25th

9 Hour PSN Maintenance on Thursday 10/28
Eddie – October 25th

Shuan White Skateboarding Recalled on the PS3 for Label Misprint
Eddie – October 25th

WarDevil Issued Peace Treaty, Reportedly is Cancelled
Eddie – October 25th

Make panties, get panties. Thanks Dood!
EdEN – October 25th

Vidzone surpasses 500 million Music Video Views
L/L – October 26th

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise for Release on PS3
EdEN – October 26th

Red Dead Redemption Double XP Weekend
Oly – October 27th

Borderlands Will Get Another Level Cap Update Soon
Oly – October 27th

Multiplayer Online Split-Screen Support for COD: BlackOps
Oly – October 28th

ZeniMax (Bethesda) Buys Tango Gameworks (Mikami – Resident Evil)
Eddie – October 28th

PSN Down Due To Maintenance
EdEN – October 28th

[tab:Play With Us]

Since the Killzone 3 beta and Black Ops had come out, the Game Nights are really beginning to pick up. This particular week didn’t see too much action, but we did have a game night for the beta on the 26th. Tosh posted a recap of the game night the next day. It seems besides Tosh, Luke and FrenchK were the only others who showed up.

To help find out availability of everyone, and the best days and times to play, Tosh also set up a poll.