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The Weekly Recap (October 31st - November 6th)

[tab:This Week]

This week, there wasn’t as much news as before. That doesn’t mean that the news we did get wasn’t any good, though. As always, I definitely suggest reading through the tabs so you’re up to date on the stuff we posted over the course of the week. Here are the highlights for this week:

  • Black Ops zombie mode has former Presidents
  • We got a peek as to what PlayStation Plus will have this month
  • NBA Elite 11 was canceled
  • Madagasca told us about a PS Store bug
  • Hulu Plus was announced for the following week, while VUDU was rumored to hit the PS3 later
  • GT5 has gone into production
  • Sakinah reviewed Rock Band 3, and FrenchK reviewed episode one of Tester 2
  • A video showing deleted scenes in Heavy Rain was shown
  • We got to see what it would be like if we had God of War QTEs when making a sandwhich
  • Ace freaked a lot of people out with a ‘game breaking glitch’

[tab:Community News]

It looks like there was no Community news or features to keep an eye on that week.

Voting for the best costume went up (again, winner has been decided already), and Oly had announced the Get Fit with Mel B contest (which also has a winner).

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[tab:Gaming News]

Black Ops Zombies With Former Presidents
Trev – November 1st

Playstation Plus November Update
Eddie – November 1st

No Heroes Allowed for PSP to be Released Tomorrow on PSN
EdEN – November 1st

Report: NBA Elite 11 Officially Canceled
MAINEiac4434 – November 2nd

Coming to Playstation Plus
Luke – November 3rd

PlayStation Store Bug?
Madagasca – November 1st

EyeToy Evolution & Beyond
Luke – November 3rd

Hulu Plus to All PS3 Owners Next Week
Luke – November 4th

PlayStation Move Ships 1 Million Units in North America
EdEN – November 4th

VUDU on PS3: Even More 3rd Party Content Delivery?
Jay – November 5th

PlayStation Home Update Next Week
EdEN – November 5th

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam
Oly – November 5th

MAG DLC2 is Active (after a few hiccups)
premiersoupir – November 5th

GT5 Has Gone Gold, Disc Stamping Started
Eddie – November 3rd

Atlus Announces The Cursed Crusade
Sakinah – November 4th

EA And Paramount Digital Entertainment Team Up For ‘Rango’ The Video Game
Oly – November 5th

Crescent Pale Mist Up For Release on PSN Next Tuesday
EdEN – November 5th

Review: Rock Band 3
Sakinah – October 31st

The Tester Season 2 – Episode 1 Review. Was it worth the wait ?
FrenchK – November 5th

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Launch Trailer
Oly – November 1st

Two New Little Big Planet 2 Featurettes
Oly – November 3rd

Heavy Rain Deleted Scenes
Jay – November 3rd

Quick! Time To Make A Sandwich!
Trev – November 3rd

New Call of Duty: Black Ops Live Action Trailer
Oly – November 4th

Black Ops is Ruined. HUGE Game Breaking Glitch.
Ace – November 5th


Dynasty Warriors 7 To Support 3D, PlayStation Move
Sakinah – November 2nd

New Battlefield Game Will Be Announced Friday
Oly – November 3rd

Rumor! Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy HD Collections Are Coming!
Eddie – November 4th

Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophies Incoming?
Eddie – November 4th

The Borderlands Level Cap Increase Patch is Now Live
Oly – November 4th

Free, PS3-Exclusive DLC Launching with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
Luke – November 4th

[tab:Play With Us]

As mentioned in the last recap, Tosh sent out that poll trying to find the best days and times to play. Here are the results.

Also that week, Oly set up an impromptu game night for the KZ3 beta. I still think we need to better plan ahead for these things in the future!

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