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Activision to Close Budcat Creations, Bizzare Creations

Today, Activision announced the closing of two development companies today: Liverpool-based Bizzare Creations, of Blur, the 360’s Project Gotham Racing, the acclaimed downloadable game Geometry Wars, and the very recently released James Bond 007: Blood Stone fame, and Iowa-based Budcat Creations, known for making PS2 ports of Activision games, like Guitar Hero, Band Hero and a Wii and PS2 FPS, Medal of Honor: Vanguard. Budcat is also famous for it’s development of Tim Schafer’s Psychonauts in 2005.

Both Bizzare and Budcat were acquired by Activision Blizzard relatively recently, with Bizzare in being bought in 2007 and Budcat being bought in 2008.

Activision is also closing it’s California-based Quality Assurance company. Bizzare will lose a total of 200 employees and/or staffers, Budcat is to lose it’s entire staff of 60 people, and the California QA cuts will number in the 20-30 range, putting Activisions layoffs today at approximately 300 people. Just in time for the holidays.

Happy Holidays, Bizzare and Budcat employees! Instead of that Christmas bonus, you instead get unemployment checks.

Today, which started out good with the release of potentially the best Need for Speed and Assassin’s Creed in both of their series’, has ended rather depressingly. Today is a sad day for the video game industry. No, I am not being melodramatic.