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Spelunker HD, Exploring the PSN Next Week

Spelunker is an old classic from 1983 which debuted on the PC. So what’s this game about you ask? Well it’s about a courageous explorer deep within the earth in search of riches. Those that have gone down in search of riches before you have never returned, and now are some of the obstacles in your way on getting out. Tozai Games have done everything possible to stay true to the old classic, by adding the quirky level-scrolling scheme that forces the explorer to get dangerously close to the screen edges, added all of the cursed original enemies and terrain threats remain, but didn’t stop there. They have added 100 all-new levels set in 10 newly designed HD worlds, plus the familiar explorer who is liable to pass out from lacing up his boots too tightly.

Spelunker HD includes multiple levels of difficulty, assuring plenty of re-playability for ambitious explorers who survive the first pass. You should bring some friends too, just in case you get waylaid. Up to six can play together online