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Activision is Rebuilding Infinity Ward

After the March firings at Infinity Ward by its owner Activision, then the rash of people leaving the company, it seems that Activision is rebuilding the shattered company. But honestly, with the “disposable income” of Activision-Blizzard, that is not hard to do. I’m sure there is plenty of new talent that would give an arm and a leg to work for Infinity Ward.

Activision’s owner made a statement to the Financial Times stating that they had reconstructed Infinity ward and were pleased with how they did it. After reading a few articles and statements from the gaming giant, it seems there was some bad blood between the old team of Infinity Ward and Activision.

Activision has stated that Treyarch, developer of the latest Call of Duty title, has surpassed the performance of the old Infinity Ward with their newest installment in the Call of Duty franchise. It almost seemed like it was a jab at the nose of the old IW team, and meant to get under their skin.

Who knows if this “restructuring” of Infinity Ward is for the better; how will it affect the future titles Infinity ward puts out, and, even more-so, how the future of the developer will play out. Activision seems to think that they have done the right thing, lets hope so.