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Tips and Tricks: Redeeming PSN Codes on the Web

I thought I’d start doing a PSN/PS3 “Tips and Tricks” post every week until I run out of things to talk about. I have some good posts planned, but welcome any ideas you all might have. Special thanks to Jay for creating the banner!!

First up, I wanted to show everyone how to enter PSN Codes using their PC. This would be for a PlayStation®Network Card number or a promotion code for beta codes, character skins, etc. This really comes in handy with the Twitter or Website giveaways when they list a bunch of codes and you have to be the first to grab it.

PSN account management over the world wide web has been available for a long time now, however PlayStation does not make it easy to find. Searching for it doesn’t work, and even going directly to the PSN store website doesn’t give you the option to find it.
So here’s how:

To access this great feature, Go to and sign in with your PSN ID email and password.

Next, find the “Redeem PlayStation®Network Card or Promotion Code” under the “Transaction Management” section and click on it.

That will bring you to a page asking you to “Enter your PlayStation®Network Card number or promotion code.”
Enter your code, click “Continue”, and you will be taken to a confirmation page, revealing the unlocked item, or funds added to your account.
Click “Continue” again and it will finalize the redemption. Redeemed items will be available to download in the previous downloads list through the PS Store. Home items won’t need to be downloaded, and funds should already be in your account.

I hope this helps some of you, and stay tuned next week for another great Tip/Trick for use on the PS3/PSN.