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GT5 Race Night This Friday!

So now that the game has been released and I got the review up, I am here to inform you that a race day is still up for this Friday, December 3rd. We will be holding it at around 5PM Pacific time (8PM Eastern). I will try to stay on for at least 3 hours for us to just have some fun racing or simply hanging out and driving around aimlessly. If you haven’t already, be sure to join the GT5 Race Days group as well, where Trev and I will be keeping you guys more closely informed of upcoming events and for you to give us some ideas.

This particular event won’t be competitive in the way that winners will get more points than the losers, as it’s just to have some fun (I will award each participant at least 50 points; folks who stick around longer and participate will likely get more). Some future game nights, though, will be more for competition (especially tournaments that I will be spectating to ensure there are no cheaters, etc) and will have much stricter regulations to adhere to (the game checks to see if your car is within those limits), but that’s for another time.

With that said, be sure to add me onto your PSN friends list (JimmyMagnum). Also, be sure to let me know you’re from, and put down your username (from this site) on the invite so I know who to give participation points to. Keep in mind, my connection speed’s optimum settings for hosting a game is a 12 person limit (if you want a high quality race and very high quality voice chat).