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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Game Night

Buckle up and get ready to race some of the most beautiful cars in the world … and then wreck them. It’s been a few weeks since the release of this beautiful game, and I think it’s high time we held a game night to see who’s the top dog. The game night will be Saturday, December 11th at 6pm PST (That’s pacific time, west coast). I will be hosting the night, so between now and the 11th, add me to your PSN list. My PSNID is Baba0Booey, that’s the number zero between baba and booey.

The first night for NFS:HP will be a pursuit night, so cops chasing speeders obviously, and I talked to Jay, and he was nice enough to let me offer some bonus points, so on top of the points you earn for attending the game night, I am going to offer the following: 50 points for the cop that has the most busts for the night, 50 points for the speeder with the most cop takedowns, and finally, 50 points for the speeder who avoids being busted the most for the night. That means crossing the finish line without being busted. But for the bonus points, I’ll need at least 6 people attending to make it fair

So make sure you have a fresh set of tires and a clean racing suit, because things could get nasty. See you next Saturday!