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GT5 Race Night Recap - 12/03

So last night was our first-ever Race Night on I must say, we had a blast. The folks who joined in with me were djlazyness, kennygk, and Kane112, who had some network issues throughout the night (as well as an appearance by mjm-can, who says he doesn’t have an ID on here).

For the most part, we just messed around. Started the night off with just driving around the track before we actually raced (at Trial Mountain). After that, we headed to the Suzuka East circuit and had a few laps on there before trying our hand at a drifting competition (so I had all of the assists and everything turned off). Kane112 performed the most controlled drifts, while Kenny and DJL came in too fast and wrecked into walls or one of us on the sidelines watching.

We then switched to Grand Valley. I don’t remember racing, but we wound up having a NASCAR destruction derby (and this was when mjm showed up). At one point, I was sandwiched between two cars coming in different directions :P. Our cars were wrecked up pretty good by the end of it. I made a few stops in the pit area to replaced my worn out tires a few times.

Unfortunately, at this point, djlazyness had to leave (since it was very late for him). We headed to Laguna Seca for a kart race (but all of us forgot to put karts in our favorite vehicles to use online, so we had to leave then come back), where Kenny and I raced in reverse the whole time. mjm won, but we weren’t far behind. Kane missed out on this race because of the connection issues, but did catch the end of it. Soon after that race, mjm left, too

This left kennygk, Kane112 and I. We headed to Circuit de la Sarthe for our final, 2 lap race. I turned off restrictions and we basically raced whatever. Kenny and Kane selected the Mine’s R32 Skyline, while I went with my ’70 Challenger. Although I have superior acceleration (our top speeds were about the same, though), I went into the first set of S-curves too fast and missed a turn. The other two used the sand as a shortcut and zoomed past me. On the long straight, though, I flew past them and pretty much stayed ahead the rest of the race. After that, we talked about the cars and the races, learned that we could save replays from online races (the shot above was taken from the last race), and called it a night.

So what does each member get? mjm, if he has a PS3Blog ID, will get 25 participation points, since he was only on for a couple races.

  • djlazyness receives 50, plus another 50 for the Dead Rubber award (eating away the tires).
  • kennygk receives 75 participation points for staying the whole time, and another 50 for the Eating Jay’s Dust award, for being on my tail and blinded by my dust trail in Toscana :P.
  • Kane112 also gets 75 participation points, despite having constant network issues. He also gets the 50 points for the Best Drifter award, which doesn’t need explaining.

Last night was a lot of fun. Hopefully more people can join in with us next time!