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New Move Sharp Shooter Attachment and Dualshock 3 Color

[tab:Move Attachment]

A new Move attachment is due out with the upcoming Killzone 3, in February simple called sharp shooter.  This attachment will be a new gun that houses both move controller, and the navigation controller.   It has supposedly been designed for both comfort and precision, with an adjustable stock, digital trigger, easy to reach buttons, and easy access to the navigation controller.  The gun will have different firing modes a pump-action mode and a reload button, to help with different ways to play games.  It will retail at $39.99, which for me seems pretty steep for an attachment.  Wonder with these different attachments, and more FPS using the Move, will more people put down the controller and pick up the gun.


In addition to a Move attachment we will also be getting a new Dualshock 3 controller color called “Jungle Green”.  It will be green on top and underneath the controller will still be black, as seen in the picture.  Have to say I am not a big fan of the color green but this controller certainly looks better than my standard black ones.  This will also be coming out in February with Killzone 3, retailing at $54.99.  Still can’t believe the price on the controller have not went down, oh well what can we do.  Hopefully they will do some kind of bundle with either the controller or the sharp shooter attachment.

Looking like the start of next year is going to be pretty big with LBP2, KZ3, etc…  I’m certainly looking forward to it,  better start saving.