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15dec10: State of Black Ops: 1.04 Patch

Last night I played Black Ops with the 1.04 patch, and I have to say that it wasn’t as bad for me as many led me to believe. I played for about two hours. Most of it by myself, and for a couple games in a party of four. Note that these are my experiences. Feel free to post your own as a comment.

Does this patch really make things worse than before? The only thing that got worse for me is the amount of time the game spent searching through games. You know when you’re in the lobby and it says “Found 40 Potential Matches” (or whatever)? Then it slowly searches through those matches for a suitable one? That process takes about three times longer than before.

Other than that, things seem the same. I got kicked from two games due to the dreaded “Connection Interrupted” plague. But that was there before the patch as well. I was hoping they’d fix that, but no luck. It is quite bad that the host migration does not kick in for cases like this.

On the good side, they’ve actually added some handy stuff. The “Load Multiplayer by Default” option is now available on the PS3 (it was formerly on the 360 only). It works great and I love it. They’ve added new contracts and a new camera to Theater Mode. See this Black Ops intel sheet for details.

As well, they’ve added game options to local split screen play! (They weren’t there before, were they? I don’t ever remember seeing them.) Now, the options aren’t as plentiful as in MW2, very basic actually. But in those options is the ability to play with bots either on your side or on the enemy side. As in combat training, this is Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch only. I hope to try it with my friends this coming Monday. I will also test the ability to set up classes and killstreaks, which was very buggy before. I’ll see if they’ve improved it any.

To sum up: my post-1.04 experience is much the same as my pre-1.04 experience, except it’s faster to get to the menu you want, and it’s slower to find a lobby.