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A Spanish Spanner Causes Problems For Sony

OK before I begin, here at we do not condone piracy of any kind. This article is just news that I have stumbled across and wished to publicise due to general interest in the PS3 Scene.

So, what’s new about the whole piracy scene? Gamers acquire pirated/copied games and play them on their modded consoles – nothing new there, but the whole scene just took a turn for the worst. With Sony working very hard to stamp out piracy on their once unbreakable PS3, Spain, which in my opinion is rather popular for it’s omelette’s, beaches and football teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid etc; decided to throw a spanner in the works by declaring it legal to sell the PS3 Jailbreak mod chip in the country.

According to reports, the only reason the Jailbreak was declared legal is down to the fact that Sony removed the GNU/Linux (OtherOS) functionality from the PS3. It’s hard to believe the Jailbreak mod chip wasn’t banned due to functionality aforementioned being removed from the system in question. However, Sony have 5 days from the day of the decision in order to submit their appeal and continue their fight against piracy. The decision was made by the courts on 13th Dec 2010. I personally hope Sony win the fight – that’s how I feel about piracy.

Will Sony’s appeal be turned down? Will this be the start of a series of cases going against Sony and in favour of gamers who wish not to buy their games? How do you think this particular case will fare out?

Please note: My comment is not intended to offend those that prefer to purchase their games legally, backup their original games and use their backup discs in order to preserve the original disc. I just have a gripe against gamers that do not prefer to purchase their games and hide behind the fact that they can’t afford them. Ahem – the console is more expensive than the games, and in all honesty – before you bought the console, you must have known how much the games would have cost! Point made!