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The Weekly Recap (Super Recap Edition, Nov. 21st-Dec. 18th)

[tab:What’s Up?]

So this past month has been pretty hectic for me, and thus, my overall activity on the site has died down quite a bit and I haven’t found the time to work on the recaps. So, with 4 weeks gone, and not one single recap, I decided this time, instead of having 4 separate recaps, I would just put them all into one, but instead of loading the recap with individual tabs seen in other recaps, I decided to put each week into its own tab.

Anyway, we had a ton of giveaways, a bunch of reviews, and a lot of catch-up work for me to do (thanks guys and gals :P). There was a LOT to cover, so your best bet is to go through the date tabs and find out what you might have missed! There were a few things I didn’t know about until I started this…

[tab:Community News]

There are a few new things from over the past couple weeks. In case you missed it, Tosh had another Double Points spasm and granted points from the posting through to the rest of November. Since he is always running these types of events, it’s always a good idea to watch out for those and take advantage of them while they’re active!

One new feature is the Sitewide Notices, which are located on the top of the sidebar. These let you know of current, ongoing and upcoming events, including contests, giveaways and game nights.

Like Halloween, we have winter/holiday-themed banners up at the top again, to get into the festive spirit. So far, we’ve had two up, and Tosh is still open for more, so be sure to make your own and post them here!

And finally, out of charity, Tosh will donate 10% of what the site gets (from ads and purchasing from the Amazon and Zazzle stores) to the Child’s Play charity. If you want to help, be sure to buy things from those stores! The other 90%, of course, is used to help with giveaways and maintaining the site.

So it turns out, we had a few contests over the past few weeks. First of all, Markus wound up being the winner of the ModNation Racers giveaway, and has already received his prize. Right after that, we had a giveaway for a copy of Nail’d, in which EdEN won that one.

Following that giveaway, Tosh held another one for the co-writers of the site, which included free games, a shirt and points. The winners are listed here.

And finally, Tosh had one final, quick Giveaway for a couple of those triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons, with the winners being Macdory and EdEN. Congratulations to those winners!

Don’t forget, we also have a photo contest for Gran Turismo 5 happening until the 23rd! There aren’t too many entries at the moment, and plenty of points are going to be given out for the winners! You can also win a race modded 2009 Corvette ZR1 if you win the tournament as well!
[tab:November 21st-27th]

Black Friday Deals From GameStop Leaked
Ace – November 21st

Tips and Tricks: Redeeming PSN Codes on the Web
Oly – November 21st

Rumor: Uncharted 3 to Get VGA Reveal on December 12th
Eddie – November 22nd

Reviews: EyePet and Invizimals: Shadow Zone for PSP
Eddie – November 22nd

PSN Stock Up For Winter Sale
Eddie – November 22nd

22nov10: State of Black Ops
Blackstaffer – November 22nd

Mindjack New Trailer And Release Date
Gibb – November 22nd

Third Party Developed Move Options
EdEN – November 22nd

Gran Turismo 5, Collector’s Edition Unboxing
Luke – November 22nd

Operation Flashpoint: Red River – First Game Trailer
Gibb – November 23rd

Blu-ray Black Friday Deals Week at Amazon
Tosh – November 23rd

Kevin Butler To Appear On Spike TV’s VGA
Sakinah – November 23rd

Tips and Tricks: Manually Adjusting Custom Soundtrack Volume
Jay – November 23rd

Kung-Fu Live Available December 7th
Jay – November 24th

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood “Animus Project Update 1.0″ DLC For Free
Oly – November 24th

Mark Whalberg to Play Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie
Ace -November 24th

Two New LBP2 Featurettes That Continue to Amaze
Oly – November 24th

Motion Sickness caused by “nail’d” is Purely Intentional
Oly – November 24th

Axl Rose Sues Activison
Sakinah – November 25th

Gran Turismo 5 Surpasses Polyphony Digital’s Expectations
Sakinah – November 26th

Treyarch Takes Action Against “Offensive Emblems”
Baba0Booey – November 26th

Accessory Review: Xlerator Wheel Stand
Jay – November 27th

GT5 fans, hold on to your PS3′s! (The brief history of game save locking)
Emrah – November 27th

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light online patch
premiersoupir – November 22nd

This is What You’ll Get With Your Expensive GT5 Edition (And Live in Europe)
EdEN – November 22nd

Netflix New Pricing Model
premiersoupir – November 22nd

Read Raw Recaps, Win Prizes
Jay – November 23rd

Double XP Weekend for Red Dead Redemption!
EdEN – November 25th

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood First Week Sales In Europe Top 1 Million
Sakinah – November 26th

Gran Turismo 5 Sells 1.8 Million in 2 Days
Eddie – November 27th

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[tab:November 28th-December 4th]

Sony Set for an Epic Year in 2011
Eddie – November 28th

29nov10: State of Black Ops
Blackstaffer – November 29th

Cyber Monday Deals!
Sinlock – November 29th

The Fight: Lights Out (Move) Review
Madagasca – November 29th

Dead Nation Hits the Playstation Store Tomorrow, PS Plus Members Get Day 1 Discount!
Eddie – November 29th

Swords & Soldiers, Now with Move Support!
Luke – November 29th

Sordahon’s Journey – THE MUSICAL Hits Screens Near You!
Luke – November 29th

Review Rewind: Devil May Cry 4
EdEN – November 29th

Sony Needs Babysitting Service
Blackstaffer – November 30th

Battlefield VIP Map Pack and Vietnam Release Dates announced
FTP – November 30th

Kevin Butler & Best Buy Team Up
Tosh – November 30th

PS3 Exclusive Action Figures (Sweet Tooth and Nariko)
Oly – December 1st

First Look At Sega’s New SciFi Shooter, Binary Domain
Sakinah – December 1st

LBP2 PlayStation Rewards Sweepstakes
Luke – December 1st

Official Review: Gran Turismo 5
Jay – December 1st

Patching Process Outlined by Josh Olin of Treyarch
LOKO117 – December 2nd

PlayStation Plus Getting a Sackful Over Next Two Weeks
Madagasca – December 2nd

69 Million Team Actions To Unlock New Bad Company 2 Map
Madagasca – December 3rd

PlayStation Phone, Codenamed Zeus Z1
Luke – December 3rd

GT5 Gets A New Steering Wheel, You Wont Believe The Cost
Baba0Booey – December 4th

CoD:BO Patch 1.04 News
LOKO117 – December 4th

Chevalier Saga Tactics, SRPG Coming to PSN
Eddie – November 29th

Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Vietnam: Dev Diary
Luke – November 29th

PlayStation Move Sales Pass 4 Million
Sakinah – November 30th

The Fight Patch is Live
Emrah – December 1st

Free Multiplayer Novus Prime Comes to PS Home
Kane112 – December 1st

Gameplay Trailer For Resistance 3 To Debut At VGA 2010
Sakinah – December 1st

THQ Still Needs Help with the Next SVR Title!
Jay – December 1st

How To Survive The Dead Nation
Madagasca – December 2nd

OnLive Monthly Plan
Luke – December 2nd

THQ Looks Back on Smackdown!’s Legacy
Jay – December 2nd

Lara Croft: GOL Gets New Characters
Kane112 – December 2nd

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[tab:December 5th-11th]

Unconfirmed: Killzone 3 To Feature Split-Screen Co-op
Sakinah – December 5th

Quests Added to PlayStation Rewards Program
Luke – December 6th

GT5 Damage Patch Goes Live (v1.03)
Madagasca – December 7th

06dec10: State of Black Ops
Blackstaffer – December 7th

Video Review of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
Sinlock – December 7th

MAG v2.10 Details
premiersoupir – December 7th

Review: Stereoscopic 3D
Darrin – December 7th

Official Review: SingStar Guitar
Oly – December 7th

Under Siege Hands On
Trev – December 8th

Some More PlayStation Plus Goodies
Jay – December 8th

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Confirmed
Luke – December 9th

My Very First Review “Dead Nation”
Kane112 – December 10th

Mass Effect 2 Gets a Release Date for the PS3
Baba0Booey – December 10th

Journey’s First Trailer
Luke – December 10th

Official Review: Funky Lab Rat
EdEN – December 10th

Final Fantasy XIV For The PS3 On Hold
Sakinah – December 10th

New Journey Details
Sakinah – December 11th

Metal Gear Arcade – Stereoscopic 3D / Head Tracking
Tosh – December 11th

New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Gameplay
Ace – December 11th

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to be Released 11/11/11
Oly – December 11th

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Trailer From the VGAs and Release Date of 11/1/11 Announced!!
Oly – December 11th

PS2 Integrated T.V.
Kane112 – December 5th

Lara Croft Returns In Newly Announced “Tomb Raider”
Sakinah – December 6th

Firmware 3.55 Has Arrived – Adds Security Patch
Madagasca – December 7th

Finish Him! Kratos Joins The Cast Of Mortal Kombat
Sakinah – December 8th

Dead Space 2 Demo on the PSN Dec. 21
Oly – December 8th

New Batman Arkham City Teaser
Oly – December 8th

THQ and Mattel Having a Contest
Jay – December 8th

Sackboy parody of latest Butler commercial
premiersoupir – December 9th

Official PlayStation Forums to Get a Facelift
Oly – December 10th

Mushroom Wars Goes Online
Luke – December 11th

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[tab:December 12th-18th]

VGAs Resistance 3 Trailer with Gameplay and a Release Date of 9/6/11
Oly – December 12th

Mass Effect 3 Trailer Straight From The VGAs
Oly – December 12th

Someone Makes an Appearance in This Mortal Kombat Reveal Trailer
Oly – December 12th

Batman Arkham City Trailer Looks Great
Oly – December 12th

Spike’s Video Game Award 2010 Winners
Oly – December 12th 25 comments

SSX Is Back!
Sakinah – December 12th

Bleach Finally Comes to the PS3, Demo Next Friday
Tosh – December 13th

Behind The Scenes of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
Sakinah – December 13th

Live Gameplay of Uncharted 3 on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Eddie – December 14th

14dec10: State of Black Ops: Worse
Blackstaffer -December 14th

15dec10: State of Black Ops: 1.04 Patch
Blackstaffer – December 15th

ThatGameCompany Talks about Journey
Eddie – December 16th

Mass Effect 3 Engine Being Used For The PS3 Version of Mass Effect 2
Sakinah – December 16th

GOW: Ghost of Sparta PSP Review
Trev – December 16th

A Spanish Spanner Causes Problems For Sony
Madagasca – December 16th

Killzone 3 Boss Fight Leak | The MAWLR
FTP – December 16th

Official PlayStation App Announced For iPhone / iPod and Android Phones
Madagasca – December 17th

Chrono Cross Coming to PSN!
Eddie – December 13th

Uncharted 3 Live Gameplay Tonight on Jimmy Fallon
Oly – December 13th

Mass Effect 2 Demo on the PSN
Oly – December 13th

Lego COD: Black Ops
Oly – December 13th

Teenager Arrested For COD:Black Ops Cyber Attack
Madagasca – December 14th

Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Episodes 1-5) Download Error Code Issue??? [UPDATE]
Oly – December 15th

Have PSN questions? Sony has PSN answers
EdEN – December 7th

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[tab:Play With Us]

It was a pretty busy past few weeks with game nights, as we had a number planned and had taken place. For starters, Madagasca had planned a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 game night, and after it happened, he wrote up a small recap of the event. I still need to reward points for that *facepalm*.

Before that, though, we did have our first Gran Turismo 5 race night, with the summary of the event here. While on the subject of racing, Baba0Booey had a race night planned for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuitplease do so!