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CoD: Black Ops Surpasses 1 Billion in Sales

Activision-Blizzard announced earlier today that the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise has surpassed 1 billion in sales worldwide. This is nearly a month faster than it took CoD: Modern Warfare 2 to hit 1 billion. It is now on track to set another milestone in the entertainment and video game industry. Before the games launch the expectations were set pretty high but now it seems that Wall Street’s expectations for the game weren’t high enough. Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Market has stated that they are “increasing the unit estimate for ‘Black Ops’ to 19 million from 17 million”.

In its first five days on shelves, Black Ops pulled in $650 million. Just by looking at the numbers you can see that the game is going to break Modern Warfare 2’s record in everyday. Just recently it was released that Activision is already working on the games first DLC. Modern Warfare 2 had two downloadable map packs, the first of which pulled in 37.5 million in its first week. I am sure we can expect that the DLC for Black Ops will top that.

According to Bobby Kotick: “people should expect to see more content made available for this game”, as well as why it’s doing so well: “The reason ‘Black Ops’ has done so well is it’s more accessible as a game,” says Kotick. “The folks who are making these games are really thoughtful about incorporating user feedback into the game. Each successive iteration makes it more broadly appealing.”

Honestly at this point. it doesn’t matter how bad or flawed the game can be, as long as it has the Call of Duty stamp on it people will run out and get it. I also feel that the reason the game is so popular is because what Infinity Ward did with Modern Warfare 2.