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Top Darts on PSN Today

As mentioned in one of our earlier posts Top Darts is coming to the PSN today for $9.99. I wanted to give everyone a little bit more information about the game as well as a video for yourselves to see what this game is all about, besides the fact it’s about Darts.

This is going to be one of those games that supports 1080p which is always great, the MOVE controller which is also another great feature and the ability to customize your own Dartboards. The game is going to include classic types such as 501, Around the Clock and Cricket. For those that are fans of Darts, should know what those are all about. The game will also have unique games such as Mayhem, Fusewire, Cat and Mouse, Stack Up and several other kind. This game will also have an extensive Single Player League and Cup campaign modes, up to 8 player local gameplay support and Four locales each with a optional unique dart board style.

The game will also enable you to use the PlayStation Eye to customize your avatar, darts as well as dartboard itself. I think being able to customize the dartboard is going to be a lot of fun all in itself. Have a picture of someone you dislike? Well let the PS3 Eye see it and then throw darts at it to blow off some steam.