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More PlayStation Plus Goodness

In the first week of the New Year which is almost upon us, PlayStation Plus subscribers are going to be getting 3 games for FREE. Those who have never tried the classic Spyro the Dragon for the PSone, will now have their chance. Not sure that I care that much about it but not like I am going to love everything that they give out. They are also going to be offering the chance to get Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West which I am sure will upset some people since they recently paid for it, and the third game is going to be Pipe Madness which is a Mini from the creators of Landit Bandit.

Do remember that if you are thinking of getting someone for X-mas you can always get that special someone a full year of PlayStation + with an extra three months due to the current promotion they are running. This kind of makes me wonder if I would be able to get myself another year plus the extra 3 months or if it’s only for new subscribers?

Also if you haven’t already, grab the following: DC Universe Online Beta, and the sales on Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Dead Nation, since they are going to be removing them. I highly recommend Dead Nation if you haven’t tried it already.