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My Little Black 80GB Friend and Me

My name is FooBear408. What is a foobear you may ask?

A foobear is cross between a pug dog (sometimes referred to as a “foo” dog) and the bear part being a horribly overweight guy who likes to refer to himself in the third person. The 408 ending is just an area code reference…so chew on that, it’s delicious. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let me get directly to the point, fearless reader. The reason why we even come to this blog. The reason we huddle together in dark basements and even darker living rooms. It’s the reason I sit on my couch during most weekends and hiss like a vampire when my girlfriend opens the curtains or turns on a light. That little black technological wonder – the Playstation 3.

Recently over the holiday weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of my girlfriends’ parents stay with us. Her stepdad enjoys watching gameplay on my super awesome tv, usually commenting on the graphics and how smooth everything looks. It was then time to open presents on Christmas morning and low and behold I received the new Logitech 960 wireless headset as well as other mind exploding gifts. So as you can imagine I was eager to set up these ear goggles and rushed with baited breath and begin the daunting task of setting this headset up with my little black friend.

Ripping the headset out of the package and turning on my PS3, I turned my attention to my new and shiny acquisition of my Logitech headset – but then heard a sound I’ve never heard before…three loud beeps and then my PS3 shutdown. I sat there puzzled and wondered what could be the problem? Could it be my PS3 simply turned off by mistake and needed a break? Sadly this was not the case. It was indeed the dreaded yellow light of death or YLOD. As I sat there on my couch, I went through a flurry of emotions. I was upset sure – but other thoughts came to mind – like how could this happen on Christmas – when there was so many Christmas noobs to go own on call of duty: black ops?? I felt like I was cheated. I felt sad. I felt like my friend I got on that cold November day….passed away.

Now on the flip side of the crazy coin – enter my leveled headed girlfriend who tolerates my gaming habits, buys me new peripherals and encourages any gameplay involving her “other boyfriend”, Nathan Drake. Apparently I was shuffling around our house like a spoiled brat and went to go mope in my office/spare bedroom. She came in through the doorway and suggested it may be time to simply upgrade from my 80gb friend, to a new stylized 160gb slim model. Nodding in agreement, I wiped away my tears like a big boy and started to scour the ads for day after Christmas sales on Playstation bundles.

Determined to keep my eyes on the prize, I found a local retailer offering an unbelievable deal for a PS3 bundle including two controllers and Little Big Planet (Game of the Year Edition), with purchase you also received a $50 gift card to do with as you saw fit. Relaying this earth-shattering news to my girlfriend who was nice enough to be the monetary juggernaut so that I could indeed make this purchase, I eagerly awaited 6am so I could make a beeline to wait in line the next morning for what was sure to be some sort of consumer gladiator match of elbow throwing and bragging of how long you’ve been in line.

I arrived at the retailer giant known to us commoners as “Fry’s Electronics” in the sleepy town of Fremont dressed in my battle attire that consisted of grey sweatpants and a blue pullover, complete with my beat up DC shoes – I was ready to roll up my sleeves and do work. I was able to secure the number ten spot in line, but that quickly filled to under 100 people in a matter of minutes. I then waited for what seemed like forever and then the moment of joy had arrived – entry! I quickly walked to the familiar video game section grabbing the nearest clerk and threatening him with bodily harm if he didn’t reveal the 160gb bundle location in this scary jungle of electronics. Luckily, for his sake, he complied and escorted me to it’s bottom shelf location along with the added bonus of extra controller and LBP: GOTY Edition. I was able to escape the clutches of Fry’s in one piece and engaged warp drive back to the FooBear lair.

I eventually figured how to setup my new fangled device, and was able to get everything transferred and saved and then came the time to decide what to do with my 80gb. I found a gentleman on craigslist who repairs the YLOD as well as other problems the PS3 encounters. It was fixed the same day and got my old friend back later that afternoon and sighed with relief that he indeed was safe and back in familiar surroundings. The question still remained – what should I do with it? Sell it? Trade it in for credit at gamestop? Use it for a pillow for those chilly nights? The answer was quite easy in fact. Why not give this device with someone to who would also enjoy it? So I gave it to my girlfriend who uses it for watching Netflix and downloads movies from the Playstation store as well as to view my extensive blu ray collection.

I got her setup on the Playstation and got her to the “sign up for the playstation network” icon. I then looked at her and handed her the cotton candy pink controller that I had coveted for weeks and simply said, “welcome.” I’d like to think my old friend has gone to the proverbial ole’ folks home and doesn’t have to endure the rampant abuse I put him though. It’s kind of nice to know I can visit him whenever I like, and know he’s in the spare bedroom just in case I want to get my movie fix. My name is FooBear408 and I’m the newest writer here at!

But you can blame Tosh for that one.