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PS3 Private Keys Discovered (Homebrew/Piracy) ***Update..Master Keys Found for PS3 and PSP

Note: DISCLAIMER:, in no way, supports the use of exploitative devices such as this and this post is purely informational. We do not condone piracy of any kind!

Yesterday the group behind the Homebrew Channels on the Wii announced live with a slide presentation at 27c3, that they have discovered the private keys for the PS3.

What does this mean? Custom firmware? Piracy? Homebrew?

There is a large potential for good and bad with this. Obviously the bad starts with piracy. We all know it will happen but thats not the worst of it. With these keys you can also expect to see online multiplayer cheaters with aim bots and more, trophy hackers and possibly even viruses.

The good that comes out of this will be emulators, linux, mkv support and things of this nature.

In short, these keys allow software to be designed directly for the PS3 just as any dev would do it. No custom firmware will be required to run this software, no jailbreaking and no hacking. Simply install the firmware and the PS3 will treat it as signed software from Sony itself.

The steps taken against Sony and the PS3 (the group is making it personal by saying Sony is a failure on multiple levels) have indeed put the system and software at risk. It is now the most open platform on the market today. Sony is very limited as to its responses as a firmware update will not correct this. The only things they can do is on the manufacturing level with new PS3’s that hit the shelves and they can whitelist all existing PS3 software but neither of these options are fullproof, both are expensive and time consuming. Its even possible that Sony will not be able to detect this on their end.

Only time will tell how this affects the PS brand.

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Video Presentation 1
Video Presentation 2
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Hacker’s Website

UPDATE: Several hackers have confirmed that the Master Key for the PSP and PS3 has been found. Geohot even went as far as posting the keys online for everyone. These keys give hackers complete and total control over both systems on the same level as any developer and it is impossible for Sony to block.

UPDATE 2: AACS keys unlocked also….this is blu-ray movie encryption.