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03jan11: State of Black Ops: No Partying

In my last update I mentioned the 1.05 patch for Black Ops and that I would report on its effectiveness. This is that report.

The purpose of the 1.05 was to improve a bunch of party problems as well as a few other sundry features. I can’t really address the effectiveness of this patch because this patch totally broke parties for me. I cannot get in a party.

Here’s a post I put up on the Call of Duty forums which has so far been ignored:

Hey guys,

I currently get “NAT TYPE: INFO CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE” for 15 – 30 seconds when I first start my multiplayer session. Then it changes to “NAT TYPE: OPEN”, and I can start looking for games and whatnot. This has been happening since the 1.05 patch. I can play the game fine by myself, but can’t get into parties with friends. Is this related?

Since the 1.05 patch I’ve not been able to connect with friends online. Friends send me party invites, and when I accept them nothing seems to happen but then after a bit the game tells me that their session is no longer available. Same thing happens if I try to join their session. If friends try to join me or accept one of my invites, they get the same message. I’ve only been able to join a friend twice since the 1.05 patch came out. The first time, I logged out of PSN and back in again to get the invite to work (though this no longer seems to work). The second time, it was only one person and I did the inviting.

I have tried:
– removing my game save (good thing I haven’t started the single player campaign yet!)
– removing the game data (1.05 patch) so that the game installs the patch again
– running MW2 and going to multiplayer before starting Black Ops.

None of these things work. This is really annoying. I used to accept invites and join friends’ sessions all the time. Now with 1.05 it doesn’t work anymore.

The game reports a NAT type of OPEN, my PS3 says I have NAT Type 2, and I have my PS3 in my router’s DMZ.

Anyone have any ideas?

So basically, I can’t play with friends. What good is that? This totally, royally, sucks.