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InFamous 2: Who Is The Beast?

With InFamous 2 releasing later this year lingering questions from the first game are sure to be answered with more most likely to be raised, but will the most important question of them all, Who is The Beast, be addressed ? Lots of spoilers ahead. Don’t read any further if you haven’t played/beaten Infamous yet.

In case you skipped the ending of the first game, Cole first became aware of the notorious entity known only as “The Beast” after his fight with Kessler concluded. Everything Cole experienced in the game at Kessler’s hands was his( Kessler) way of preparing Cole for the coming of The Beast. Unfortunately due to Kessler’s one way trip through time The Beast arrives in Empire City ahead of schedule and before Cole is ready to face it. This is where InFamous 2 picks ups as Cole escapes to New Marais to acquire information on how to beat The Beast from the First Sons, who have settled into the city.

Which brings me back to the question; Who is the Beast? Described as “a beast intent on extinguishing all life” in InFamous, this red eyed figure that wrecked havoc in Kessler’s time appears as a bald individual with the ability to control fire. Could it be another version of Cole; one that also traveled through the different time lines in order to gain more power?

That’s my theory but other possible explanations out there has The Beast being either John,Sasha or Alden from Infamous. Although from what we’ve seen of the villain Sasha being The Beast seems to be a bit of a stretch. John is reduced to ashes in front of Cole’s eyes in both good and evil paths so the chances of him being The Beast are slim. That leaves Alden, the telekinetic old man. Could he be The Beast or is it someone yet to be revealed?

As you can tell I’m really looking forward to finally discovering the true identity behind this infamous bad guy. Will Sucker Punch reveal just who ( or what ) The Beast is in InFamous 2? We’ll have to wait and see but in the meantime the question remains; Who is the Beast?