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minis Review Blimp: The Flying Adventures

Recently Craneballs Studios released Blimp: The Flying Adventures on the PSP, and even though I tried this game out on the iPhone first, I was interested to see how the game stacked up on the PSP. But before I do that, first let me bring you up to speed on what you’re getting yourself into. A long time ago in a galaxy pretty far far away, there was a planet called Solbot, it was a great strategic outpost in the galaxy and so the power hungry aliens from the planet Tarra who by the way look a lot like the Helghast, well except they have green eyes not red attacked it. The current inhabitants weren’t having any of it so they drove them back with the help of Zed Pelin. Zed Pelin did what he could and because of his help he became a captain. He’s kind of like Jack Sparrow except he steers a Blimp. Now the Tarraians think it’s payback time and are back at it again…

I think one of the very first things that you will notice about this game when playing it, are the graphics. It didn’t take me long to get lost in the game due to the vibrant colors, detail and the hand drawn art. This really seems to show in the jungle levels where you see a lot of vegetation, toxic barrels, and red piercing eyes that are glaring at you. The controls in this game couldn’t be easier. You use the analog stick to steer your ship left or right, the X button to give the blimp hot air so that it can increase its altitude and the L1/R1 for dropping bombs, or the elite.

The game comes with three difficulty settings, easy, medium, and hard. On the easy difficulty setting you really don’t have to worry about much except for hitting walls which gives you damage, getting shot out of the sky by turrets, and a few other elements within the game. On medium and hard it gets a little bit trickier, as these two modes only give roughly 3 minutes to complete your mission or else you fail. Now throw in bumping walls, getting shot at, and several of the other elements within the game and you can have yourself a party. That’s not to say you can’t get several extra seconds by picking up some extra time, health and even gems to raise your score so that you can brag to your friends or the world how much better you are than them on the leader boards.

There are 20 missions in total, which span across the globe taking you on a roller coaster of missions as you transport workers, chemists, the elite on secret missions as well as collect materials to get ready for a fight against an alien race that thinks it’s go time. On your journey you will travel through several locations in the Jungle, Sky, Snow Mountains, and even through the cover of night. All of this along, with the catchy soundtrack really helps to bring the game together. The only things that I have a problem with are that some of the items will spawn in locations that it’s impossible to reach for example behind a wall that you can see but can’t get too. Also the tight spaces in the later levels can become frustrating as you are trying to maneuver around while getting blasted, and the fact that there really isn’t anything added to the game from the iPhone is some what of a disappointment. With the millions of users that have an iPhone/iPod why would I get this game for $5 which is still a cheap price when I can have it for 99 cents?

[review pros=”Only $5
Nice Soundtrack
Fantastic Art
Well polished
” cons=”Can get a little frustrating in later levels
No multi
Not really different from iPhone/iPod” score=75]

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Blimp: The Flying Adventures provided by Grip Games.