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Orb BR Software Coming to PS3

Seems like Orb Networks is about to drop a gem out of the sky for Blu-ray & PS3 owners. Earlier today at CES the company announced that they are going to be releasing a Blu-ray disc to consumers, turning their devices into one stop shops for all their media needs. Once you pop in the disc you’ll have access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Comedy Central, Amazon VoD, YouTube, Hulu, ABC, CBS as well as several other networks only for $19.99 (internet connection required). Now I know that some of you might say “Great I just got rid of the Netflix disc and now I am going to be getting another disc?”. Even if that’s the case, its not like you can pass this up for 20 bucks. This is a lot of great content and if this allows your Blu-ray or PS3 to turn into a global source of goodness than I am all for it. This thing is even going to support HD output at 720p and 1080p resolution, and is aimed at a late February release. I don’t know about any of you but it looks like things just got a whole lot better for the PS3!!!

Source [Engadget]