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Geohot, PS3, Can You Say Homebrew?

Note: DISCLAIMER:, in no way, supports the use of exploitative devices such as this and this post is purely informational. We do not condone piracy of any kind!

As many of you know the PS3 just isn’t as secure as it used to be. First fail0verflow, a group of hackers revealed the initial exploit at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin this past December. This is the same group of hackers that hacked Nintendo’s Wii. It seems the main reason they started on the PS3 is because the OtherOS was removed, which like many other people pissed them off. With a lot of the work done, enter GeoHot the hacker that has become a real thorn in SONY’s side at this point. After watching the presentation GeoHot used a similar technique to extract the master key.

The PS3 was virtually uncrackable, the way it was designed “it would take billions of years to derive the private key from the public key, or to make a signature without knowing the private key, even when you have all the computational power in the world at your disposal”, said pytey one of the fail0verflow members. But because of a flaw, they were able to crack the system with a basic cryptographic error which allowed them to compute the private key, held by Sony. Talk about human error, you know that someone at SONY is getting a beat down and is working around the clock to figure something out to fix this.

In the past SONY was able to block the exploit that GeoHot found through the OtherOS feature Linux using a firmware update, but this is totally different. Unless SONY is willing to give customers new PS3’s once they fix this issue and the customers are willing to exchange, all these consoles will be able to run anything and everything.

Here is a video of GeoHot showcasing his own homebrew:

I find it ironic how these guys all keep saying that they are against piracy, they damn well know what this is going to lead too, and I have never met anyone stupid enough to just go out and say “Hey come get me, I am into piracy“. Why even say anything when asked about the dark side?

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