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Online Hacking Already Started on the PS3? | Modern Warfare 2 [Update: False]

I got a email from Holly through our contact form saying somebody hacked her account on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. She said that another player hacked the game she was playing in and made her 10th prestige.

During the game the guy had some kind of hack and he couldn’t die and put everyone in a jumble and killed us all. Then my person couldn’t move anymore and it said I was a higher rank and all of my “unlockables” were being unlocked. And now I am in prestige mode and my completion is 100%, but I just want to go back to what I actually was accomplishing.

It unlocked all emblems, call signs, finished all challenges, unlocked all weapons and attachments, and put my completion of online play at 100%.

Here is a screenshot of her emblem screen right after she was hacked.

This really has me angered, I don’t want to play online games against cheaters/hackers! It’s one thing to hack and cheat in an online game, but to hack and unlock another persons account is even more uncalled for. It’s sad that the PS3 online hacking has already begun.

What really worries me is that they can hack other peoples accounts. Make sure you back up your game saves often! If you can’t it’s probably a locked game save, see the full list here.

If you see somebody hacking in a game. Report their PSN ID to Sony and to the makers of the game you are playing. Only we can prevent them from playing online with us.

[Update] Guess this isn’t due to the PS3 recently being hacked. More of old PS3 game that was hacked and was never patched. False alarm guys.