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LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Night Recap | 1.18.2011

Kennygk and myself are the only ones that showed up in the PlayStation Home Clubhouse. Here we are above striking a pose. We tested out the poker table and it was kind of boring so I removed it and put in a pool table instead. We can have 2 interactive items in the space. So what do you want other than the pool table? Choices are: another style of pool table, darts, flying UFO, poker table(meh). Game launching isn’t supported with LittleBigPlanet 2 but I did a game launch for it anyway. At least that way you can quit the game and come right back to the Clubhouse.

It was obvious fairly quickly that the LittleBigPlanet servers are overloaded right now. Anyone that wasn’t a host was stuck at a loading screen for a long time. This wasn’t the case last week when I was playing it. So the whole night was spent just trying to connect to each other. I was playing a level and Oly joined in but he got stuck on a loading screen after a few minutes. We never got connected with Luke at all.

Those that came to the game night still get points even though we didn’t all get to play together really.

  • Kennygk receives 50 points for showing up in Clubhouse and another 50 for patiently waiting several minutes for the game to load. But to only play for a few minutes and be stuck on another loading screen in the middle of the level.
  • Oly1Kenobi receives 50 points for actually getting into a game for a few minutes.
  • Luke receives 50 points for attempting to play LBP2 with us

Next Tuesday at the same time we will try this again, hopefully the servers are sorted out by then. Others are welcome to set up a game night before then.