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Skyrim Introduces “Dragon Shouts”

GameInformer has recently released some new info on Skyrim. A new ability called “Dragon Shout. The way I understand it, Dragons use magic like breathing fire by speaking an ancient language. The player can also speak this language to use the same abilities. Sounds awesome!

Many aspects of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will feel familiar to longtime fans. The exploration of a vast open world, first-person combat, and interacting systems of melee, magic, and stealth are all tent pole ideas within the franchise. However, Skyrim introduces something new into the gameplay mix: dragon shouts. This special new set of powers stand apart from the existing magic system, offering a broad range of powerful effects. The ability to attain these abilities is unique to your hero in the world, and the path to attaining them is a quest in itself within the larger tale that unfolds over the course of the game. Dragon shouts give the player the same overwhelming might that drives the resurgent dragon population, and the same source of power that launched the last line of emperors….