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Dead Space 2 Event

ds2 isaac

I spent last night in a crypt under a church in central london for a Dead Space 2 event where a guy in a mask and a fake gun stole my phone and the undead served me beer… a typical night out in London then.

At the event I was shown and was able to play an exclusive clip of Dead Space 2. I was also audience to a section of soundtrack by the appropriately named composer Jason Graves, he revealed the main chords for the piece they played consisted of D E A D. Christopher Shy was present to talk us through the creation of the comic graphic novel Dead Space Salvage and Brian Evenson read an extract from his Dead Space Martyr the novel. Christopher Judge of Stargate SG1 fame along with Stargate Continum and erm… A Dog’s Breakfast was also present to talk about Dead Space Aftermath a new animated film in the same vein as Dead Space Downfall.

Unfortunately I can’t give you any new info on Dead Space 2 thanks to an NDA agreement but I can say you’re in for a treat come its release next week, hopefully yours truly will get you a review in the not too distant future. In the mean time here’s some horribly blurry photos of a night, I apologise my cheap point and shoot camera couldn’t capture much in the dark venue.

ds entry


isaac flash


Feel free to check out the full gallery here.