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PSP2, What We Think We Know (Several Updates)

***Not an official image. This is 1Up’s artist rendering based on developers descriptions***

The industry is bursting at the seams with information about the PSP2. One thing I’m sure we have all heard is it’s as powerful as the PS3. While I’m sure that’s an exaggeration, we can bet our bottom dollar on a powerful handheld system.

Recently 1Up has offered us even more information that they suggest is trustworthy.

It was stated by 1UP that it is roughly half as powerful as the PS3 itself combined with a screen that a developer described as “like the iPhone 4’s retina display but better.”

1UP went on to say, “We can confirm the rumored Uncharted spin-off game is real and in development as a showpiece game along these lines.”

Through developer sources, 1Up has made some other claims:

-back touch pad so that your finger does not block the screen
-front and back cameras
-tilt controls similar to the SIXAXIS
-dual analog sticks
-brick format like the original PSP’s and NOT like the PSP Go
-No UMD’s but instead will be using flash cart ROM’s
-friends list

Update 1:
Kotaku has insiders that claim the PSP2 has 1 gig of RAM. Twice that of the PS3

Update 2:
In a Eurogamer Interview, Danny Bilson from THQ gave a partial confirmation of the PSP2 by saying “I can’t really comment on hardware that is going to be released soon.”

Update 3:
Nikkei Newspaper says 3G and a multitouch OLED screen (Note) Nikkei is very very credible…I would almost go as far as to almost say this update is confirmed.

Update 4:
Engadget says Nikkei mentioned larger screen then the PSP and powered by a new potent silicon.

Update 5:
Codemasters CEO says the power rumors of PSP2 as strong as the PS3 are true.