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MAG Acquisition Mode Neutrality

In Zipper’s Massive Action Game (MAG), the Acquisition gameplay mode unexpectedly went faction-neutral today, just as Sabotage did a few months ago. That is, rather that having armies defending only their “home” maps, armies defend and attack Acquisition mode maps totally at random. Zipper hasn’t made an official announcement yet about this development, so it’s still unclear whether Zipper is just testing Acquisition neutrality or whether they’ve decided to change it to this system permanently.

What do you think about map neutrality in MAG? Sabotage neutrality seems to me like a failed experiment to address the complaints of imbalanced maps. I’d prefer that Acquisition not follow suit. (Though it is clear to most everyone that Valor’s Acquisition map is the hardest map in the game to defend.)

Update: Zipper has ended the experiment, and Acquisition is back to normal. But for how long? Zipper still hasn’t told us why they changed the mode for several hours. Surely this presages changes to come for MAG.