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LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Night Jan 25th Recap

Nobody showed up in the Clubhouse, I was quite lonely in there. Played some darts by myself and did horrible at it too, lol. When I jumped onto LBP 2 Darrin was playing so I invited him to my pod and he brought a friend with him. Not sure who that was. But shortly after Sakinah joined too. The LBP 2 servers where much better this week, no stuck loading screens at all! Woo-hoo! It was slightly laggy at times, but still very playable.

We did random story levels for a bit and then Darrin had to leave. Me and Sakinah played for a while doing story levels. Later in the night Kennygk joined us and we did some of the challenge/race levels. It was a lot of fun this time. Thanks to all that came or happened to be online at the time.

Darrin receives 50 points for being the first to join the game night.
Sakinah receives 50 points for joining us and another 50 for staying the longest.
Luke receives 50 points for patiently waiting until a free spot showed up so I could invite him.
Kennygk receives 50 points for showing up and another 50 for helping me threw the puzzle level.