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I’m Victim of Dead Space 2’s Game Breaking Battery Glitch

***Warning, before reading, this situation could detail some very minor spoilers. Nothing story driven, just a specific scenario late in Chapter 6.***

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dead Space 1, but I understood its appeal and respected it enough to give the predecessor a go. Much to my surprise I was having more fun with this sequel than I did with the original. However my fun turns to disappointment after reaching a certain point in Chapter 6.

There is a certain area in a zero gravity room that the entrance you need to take is cast in uncontrollable flames. There are 3 oxygen machines pumping out air that are keeping the flame alive. Your job is to remove the battery cores from the machines so that the oxygen is depleted and the flames extinguished only upon my arrival, all 3 battery cores were already missing.

I wasn’t exactly sure what needed to be done here and I thought nothing of it. This was a fairly large room and I figured I just needed to explore some more. Upon exploring I found some items such as a precious power core so I went back to the previous save point right outside of the door and saved my game. This was my mistake. Saving the game saved the glitch. No battery cores will pop up for me to remove from the oxygen machines which means I can’t put out the flames. The only way around this is to start the game over completely.

To their defense…its my fault for only having one game save. As an RPG fan I understand the added benefit of saving multiple times in multiple places, but for linear shooters, I’ve never seen the purpose of doing that…well that is until now.