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Save Game Cloud - How Do You Feel About It?

Finally! Strong rumours are circulating that a cloud storage facility is going to be arriving on the PS3 with F3.60. However, as premiersoupir has already reported, it looks like this feature is going to be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers only.

We all know about the benefits provided by PlayStation Plus; with it costing around £40 GBP a year, you have benefits such as automated overnight game patching/firmware updates, £200 GBP worth of games every year – with a few more bells and whistles added on (i.e. early beta access for certain games).

For me, the Save Game Cloud is going to be an important feature, however – even though I stressed in a previous article that I would be happy to pay a premium for a ‘Save Game’ Cloud in order to protect my game saves, I’m not too sure I may take advantage – even though it’s less than £1 GBP per week for PS+. I currently do not subscribe to PlayStation Plus. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t appealed to me – yet. I don’t mind doing manual updates for games and firmware, and even though you are given lots of free games, etc, you don’t get to keep them after your subscription finishes – that’s quite a bummer.

Regarding my comment above about not being sure about taking advantage of PS+ due to the introduction of a Save Game Cloud, it’s not that I don’t want to pay the money – it’s more to do with the ongoing commitment of paying the premium each year – for my game saves.

If you decided not to continue with your subscription after the current one expired, what happens to your save games stored in the cloud? For some reason, I feel this feature should be sold as a separate service and not be tagged onto the end of PlayStation Plus. I may be wrong.

Are you going to subscribe to PlayStation Plus just because this feature is being introduced? Share your thoughts with me in the comments box below.