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Two Worlds II: First Impression

When I first heard of Two Worlds II I had no idea what it was. Even upon winning it on good old I didn’t know what to expect. Now I have to say that I’m presently surprised. The game does have its bugs but is still an enjoyable play. I’m not a huge fan of sandbox style RPG’s, never really enjoyed Elders Scrolls or the like, but this game has caught my attention and I’m not sure why. It has a huge world to explore, people to talk to, many side quests, and everything you would expect from this type of game. I have now been playing the game probably around 10 hours or so, about 4 hours in single player and 6ish online.

Here’s my impression so far:

As I said the game does have its bugs. The main bug that so far is annoying me the most is when you are talking to people the end of sentences sometimes gets cut off and it seems a bit jumpy. Very rarely, but sometimes, things don’t load up correctly and don’t appear right in the game. Also the auto save can happen at anytime including during combat, which pauses the game a few seconds as it saves. So you will not want to rely on them too much just in case. But never-the-less there have been no major glitches that have made this wonderful game difficult to play.

I personally don’t like having to run around for ages to get somewhere but this game does make it a bit easier with teleports placed throughout the map and you even get a horse to ride around on. Although I have yet to figure out how to take the horse into the teleporter or if it’s possible. It also has some really nice scenery to look at while you are taking you long walks around the place. There are some animal scattered around as well, to give you something to fight along the way.

The fighting it done pretty well from magic staff, to bow and arrow, to dual-wielding swords (what can I say my guy is kick ass). Aim is pretty easy with the swords even if you are surrounded by monsters, although I found aiming with the bow or magic annoying when there were a lot of monsters, since it will auto aim to one you may not be shooting at and can take a second for you to change back. With the ability to set up to 3 different weapon sets it only takes a sec to change between your set-ups for the best attack.

Every time you level up, you get attribute points to use on endurance, strength, accuracy, and willpower. You also get skill points to use on different warrior, ranger, mage, assassin, crafting, or general skills. There are many different skills so there are a lot of different ways you can build your character. There is also an option to visit someone in the game to reorganize your skills if you so choose.

So far all the armor and weapons I have found you can upgrade or break apart. Weapons and armor are converted to their base components, iron,wood, etc., and then those are used to upgrade other weapons or armor. The upgrade raises one of the stats of the armor or weapon and will also add a slot every few upgrades for magic stone to raise abilities. To be able to continue to upgrade the equipment you will have to use skill points to upgrade crafting skills.

There is a alchemy system that allows you to mix thousands of different ingredients that you looted or picked up along the way. The result of mixing them together are many different potions that give cool abilities, including health or defense bonuses, walking on water, or even jumping insanely high. The magic system is also a lot of fun to mess around with. It involves mixing together different element and spell cards to create an almost endless amount of different spells.

The favorite part for me so far has been the multiplayer. You can play with up to 8 players on Deathmatch, Adventure (Co-op), Duel, Crystal Capture, or Village modes. I have been having fun in Village mode where you get to build your own village and also do some side quests to keep the village safe and the villagers happy. You can also invite friends to buy things from your shop to help you village make money. I have played through a couple of the quests on Adventure as well and it’s pretty fun although if you not quick the other players will steal all the items. You can also host your own game and play solo, or invite only those you want, so u can make sure to share equally.

Overall I have barely touched all that is available in this game, and I’m looking forward to playing it a lot more.