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Arcania Gothic 4

Arcania A Gothic Tale

ArcaniA – A Gothic Tale is set in a rich world that invites the player to explore all of its innumerable attractions and details. Different climate zones, abundant flora and fauna, subterranean vaults, and cities and castles with unique architecture await the adventurous player. Clouds darken the skies, weather effects such as wind and heavy rain influence the game world, keeping it endlessly fascinating with its amazing graphics, day and night cycles, and a stunning display of light and shadow. Wonderfully atmospheric music and top-of-the-line sound effects create a truly immersive playing environment. A multitude of entertaining and challenging quests, challenging combat, mysterious NPC characters and a sophisticated plot guarantee many hours of highly entertaining gameplay. The Southern Islands await!

To say that this game is gorgeous is an understatement. Take a gander at these to showcase what I’m talking about.

The gameplay is similar to Two Worlds so if your enjoying Two Worlds this is something to look forward to. I had the opportunity of trying to play this on PC and its gorgeous, too gorgeous for my pc to handle sadly. I creep along at 23fps but have 2hrs invested in it and can say its high on my wish list. The pc and xbox version are already out while the PS3 version was delayed until March of this year for polishing reasons, those reasons I can handle for a delay. I’m just hoping it wasn’t so badly ported that Sony said no way to their launch last year. I’ll buy it regardless if the funds allow it.

Here’s the destiny Trailer to wet your appetite.

Wondering if I’m the only one looking forward to this gem?