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Dungeon Siege III is Upon Us!

The PS2 had a solid collection of hack and slash games. Baldurs Gate and Champions of Norrath to name a couple. The PlayStation 3 has had a bit of a dry spell in the genre, and things are finally picking up with the release of Two Worlds Two recently, and Dungeon Siege III right around the corner. Let’s take a look at the trailer to see what goodness we are in for.

The Combat system is exactly what you would expect, with a new twist in the way of combat stances. These stances will be the key to your success or your demise. The Guardian class for example has a defensive stance where the user wields a sword and shield where the offensive stance has him wielding a two handed weapon. Each stance has its own move set. The offensive stance has a charging ability and the defensive has a shield bash for example.

Now, in case you need a refresher, Obsidian are the people behind Knights of the Republic 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. The dialogue system for Dungeon Siege will be familiar to you if you have played any of those titles. Your AI team mates may often disagree with your choices, making for unique play-throughs, which is a solid choice by the developers. The developer hasn’t spilled too much on this aspect other than this:

How much of a focus is story in this third game compared the last few entries?

NC: It is a core focus of the game, for instance we have a full branching dialogue system like Alpha Protocol or Mass Effect. That is something that wasn’t in the first two games and is a core strength of Obsidian.It’s what we’re bringing to the franchise and one of the reasons why Square and Gas Powered wanted us to work with us.

Here’s hoping that our decisions can, in fact, change the ending of the game.

Dungeon Siege is slated to have a May 31st release date and is developed by Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment.

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