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NGP: Is ~PS3 power good enough?

The NGP is estimated to be nearly identical in power to the PS3. That’s amazing, I didn’t realize portable tech had come that far, but why don’t they spec this new platform to be just a little bit better than than the PS3? In other words, rather than 90% of the PS3, how about 115%? Either give Moore’s law another few months and use better silicon, or just stick more RAM in it. From a user’s perspective, seeing hardware and graphics better than the PS3/360 would be a huge deal. That’s the difference between “good for a handheld” and “the best console device out there”. It wouldn’t just merely serve the portable crowd, it would be the definitive console until the next wave of systems ships. That would be an industry first for a portable handheld.

What do you think? Is it more important to ship soon or keep production costs low or would it be better to surpass the PS3/360 and deliver the ultimate console for both portable and home use.

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