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Modern Combat Domination Patch Inbound

Modern Combat was released on the PSN with quite the following of praise. Sadly as is the case with many titles it quickly fell victim to hackers. See the video below:

Patch details after the jump.

Gameloft is not only aware of the issue but have released a full update list of an upcoming patch that will fix these issues. Heres what you can expect:

* Anti-Hacking protection
* Invisible collision amendments to some maps.
* Respawn: prevent face-to-face respawns.
* Default time for a game in objective mode set to 3 minutes.
* Modification of the range of the knife (distance and angle).
* Possibility to change the range of the ping display.
* Money accumulates from $2400 instead of $0 in all modes featuring respawn.
* Quick fix of ‘death on respawn’ problems caused by connection issues.
* Adjusting of controls sensitivity.
Hopefully those who purchased the title wont be so quick to drop their support for gameloft and will give the patch a chance.

Via thesixthaxis