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My Killzone 3 Pre-Order is Going Back

I haven’t been able to play the KZ3 beta very much, just because I couldn’t get online. After the patch last night, however, things were a lot better. I could connect no problem, and so I played several games. I was placed in several Guerilla Warfare matches right at the end, which was frustrating. But I also got to play through several full matches of Guerrilla Warfare and Warzone.

I’m going back to the store and asking for me pre-order money back. There’s no way that this is an enjoyable game. KZ3 is more frustrating than MW2 ever was.

One. It’s not fun being killed by people you can’t see. I was walking along, minding my own business, and a guy right if front of me, who was cloaked, shoots me dead. Sure, it might be fun for the cloaked person. “Tee hee. I was standing right in front of him. Giggle giggle.” But to everyone else, it’s an annoyance of epic proportions. (Well, as epic as annoyances in a video game can get.)

Two. It’s not fun being shot by team mates. The Infiltrator class allows an enemy to look like a team mate. So you’re constantly getting shot by people who you thought were team mates. So then you start shooting at everyone, just in case they’re not team mates, just to check. Because really, by the time you see whether or not your crosshairs change red it’s too late. So you spend the whole game wondering: “Is that guy a team mate? Is that guy a team mate? What about that guy?”. I don’t want to spend a whole match paranoid about getting stabbed in the back by a friend.

Three. Spawn camping. Spawn camping was terrible in KZ2. And it’s even worse in KZ3. In KZ2 the Tactician could lay down spawn points for use by team mates. In KZ3, that’s done away with and replaced with several fixed spawn points the Tactician can capture. So the enemy knows where the new spawn locations ALWAYS ARE, and camps them. Camp camp camp. There was a lot of spawn camping in the games I played last night. A lot. Tons. Everywhere. All over. Getting the point? Not fun.

Four. The map is too friggin huge. By the time you get to the objective, half the time has run out. “Just use the spawn points the Tactician can capture!” you say? Not when they’re being spawn camped!

I was so ticked off after playing KZ3 last night that I had to go and vent to my wife. This is not an enjoyable game. It is not an enjoyable experience.