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Killzone 3 Beta and What it has Accomplished

Beta’s are great, they discover issues within the game and net code making for a smoother day one launch. The Killzone 3 beta has been out two times now and it has really changed sinced its closed release. The team at guerrilla have posted the following.

Your dedication to the cause hasn’t gone unnoticed over at developer Guerrilla Games.

Far from it: the team has been working around the clock to analyse and act upon your feedback. Below you’ll find a round-up of issues discovered thanks to your hard work, and the solutions that Guerrilla is working on to refine your experience:

High level issues discovered:

• Connection problems
• High load caused the database to fall over
• Score posting
• Flickering screens
• Ribbon stats not updating
• Vulgarity filter

Solutions underway:

• Guerrilla has already released a patch, which is live at the time of writing.
• Guerrilla has made improvements for the server connection issues. The server was brought down and put back up for that on Monday, 7 February 2011.
• The problems with the filter should be fixed now.
• Guerrilla will continue to update the servers and patch the Beta if needed and are watching your feedback closely on

We are happy that we are encountering these issues now, during a Beta, instead of after launch. This will help us get ready for the huge amount of people that are expected to go online at launch.

Believe me when I say that we are happy as well. Here is to hoping that our day one launch is bug free and enjoyable for all.

Souce: PSBlog