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Sony Puts The Kibosh On Second Hand Copies Of DCUniverse

Thinking of picking up a used copy of the superhero MMO DC Universe Online for the PS3?

Think again.

According to reports Sony has fixed it so that the game discs of DCUO are linked to one-time PSN activation codes, resulting in the disc being forever attached to one PSN account.

“Once the PSN key has been consumed with a disk it cannot be resold/replayed with the second user adding a sub – only the original consumer can use that acct,” a Sony rep told LazyGamer, adding that “Disk and account are one.”

This also makes it impossible for PS3 owners to use separate PSN IDs to play the game. If a family member wants to enjoy DC Universe Online on the same PS3 then he/she would have to purchase a brand new copy of the game. While it sounds like an interesting way to combat used game sales, I personally wish Sony could have found a way to allow multiple PSN IDs to play the game on one PS3.

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