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Our Favorite PR Manager Has Returned Already!!

This Press Release is a definite MUST READ!!!!

Congrats Aubrey, we wish you much success!!!
Official Press Release from Deep Silver


LARKSPUR, CA — February 16, 2010 – Deep Silver today announced that after a brief period of unemployment and a stint moonlighting as a one-legged rodeo mime, crackpot and absolute public relations travesty Aubrey Norris has accepted the company’s offer to continue work on their titles as their internal Manager of Marketing, PR and Coffee Cakes.

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“I knew they couldn’t resist succumbing to my mind control virus for long,” commented Aubrey Norris, Manager of Marketing, PR and Cat Shepherding at Deep Silver with an evil smirk. “I’m excited to continue the work I began on Deep Silver’s titles, including one title that caused me to completely soil myself while sitting on a couch in the lobby of a Minneapolis hotel, watching it being played for the first time. How ‘bout that shit?! Just wait. You don’t even know.”

Several Deep Silver executives were approached for comment regarding their new hire, but none were able to provide their thoughts due to various states of weeping and/or huddling holding their knees in absolute shock.

Aubrey Norris has returned to games PR, albeit to the chagrin of journalists and bloggers worldwide, and has begun her duties as a complete embarrassment to the industry and severe threat to media safety effective immediately.

About Deep Silver
Since 2003, Deep Silver has developed and distributed interactive games for all leading videogame platforms. In all, the company has published more than 100 games. Deep Silver products are designed to equally appeal to a wide audience, from kids to adults. For more information please visit