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Sony “S1” PlayStation Tablet in Development

Sony has a new PlayStation-Certified Device in development, and no, its NOT the recently announced Xperia Play phone. Rumours have been floating around about a tablet Sony was working on, but Engadget says they have new information, from two independent sources, stating that the tablet is currently in development. It, reportedly, will have a $599 price range for the WiFi-only version and it could be released as early as September. The weird wrap on the top is meant to shift the weight to the bottom of the device so it is easier to hold. It also allows the screen to be used as a touch keyboard when laid flat on a table.

Features quoted after the jump.

The tablet itself, we’re told, is 100 percent focused on Qriocity, Sony’s music, games, e-books, and videos on demand service that’s just been launched in Europe. It comes preloaded with Sony PS One games, a Bravia Media Remote, and yes, PlayStation integration

Although the tablet looks like a hollow 9.4-inch capacitive touch panel sporting a 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution from the distance, the space between the the front and back wrapped panels is actually stuffed with a battery and circuitry including a Tegra 2 processor. As such, you won’t be hanging it from the towel rack. It also features both front- and rear-facing cameras as well as a USB-A port that plays host to USB thumb drives or media devices. The only physical buttons — volume and on / off — are located on the edge of each indented side. There’s also the possibility that the S1 will feature a “Q” (for Qriocity) button but that decision has not been finalized, according to one of our sources. Oh, and there’s an IR port built-in allowing you to control devices other than your Bravia TV. The front face is finished in a high-gloss black that sits flush with the display and continues in one unobstructed sweep to the back of the tablet where a subtle dot matrix texture is applied to enhance the grip. The underside is a matte-silver color creating a nice contrast. All materials, we’re told, feel very premium though it’s unclear if we’re talking plastic, aluminum, or something else.