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Update: Portal 2 to NOT Get Move Support Afterall

Update: Portal 2 to NOT Get Move Support Afterall

[UPDATE] Since this post’s publication, Valve issued the following statement: “There’s a story making the rounds regarding Portal 2 support for PS3 Move. Unfortunately this quote was ‘lost in translation’–Po rtal 2 does not include support for Sony’s motion controller.” Too bad!! However there was no statement made saying that the PC code, cloud saves, and cross platform gameplay were false, so it still seems that those features are still ‘confirmed’ I’ll keep everyone updated as I look into this further. The original post can still be read below.

If you were anything like me, when portal hit the PS3 with Team Fortress 2, and the Half Life collection packaged in a perfect match up called the Orange Box, you went out and got it right away and first thing you did was tear into Portal with a fervor like a hungry man tears into a steak. After completing Portal I felt incomplete….alone, well no more, we learned last year at E3 that we would be getting a juicy sequel to the critically acclaimed title from Valve software.

With Portal 2 set to launch in April of this year loaded with features, today we learn about another juicy feature to the most anticipated game of 2011, Deploying surprise in…3…2…1…Move support! Yes that’s right, Portal 2 will feature “full move support” according to Valve. Valve’s own Chet Faliszek spoke of the feature VIA the German PlayStation blog and claimed it was “compensation for PS3 users not getting a Left 4 Dead release” (I think Valve is starting to see the light and are regretting not giving the PS3 the attention it deserves)

Other goodies that came with this update include PS3-Exclusive cloud saves, and a free code for a PC version of portal 2, also PS3 players will enjoy cross platform gaming with PC players through Steam, it just keeps getting better and better, April can’t come soon enough!!

Via Eurogamer