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Major Gran Turismo 5 Update

Seems like Polyphony has been hard at work on GT5’s next update. Last night they deployed an update which adds new features and enhancements.

  • First, there is now a way to do “remote racing between friends” which lets you level.
  • Second, there is now support for “remote racing from the web browser“.
  • Third, there is now a way to “use the tracks you build through Course Maker online“.
  • Fourth, you can now”“rent/share cars amongst friends”“.
  • Five, you will now have the option for “multimonitor display compatibility“.
  • More info about these after the jump:

    1. Remote racing between friends to level up drivers:

    You can now set your personal AI drivers from B Spec mode in the game to be shared online for other players to challenge, and you can also host fully automated B Spec races (Remote races) that will earn your driver rewards and experience points. When you set up these races, you can either watch the race in real time, or save it to watch later.
    If you’re not familiar with B Spec mode, it allows players to create AI drivers that you can coach and manage. They race real races in the game, and you can take the drivers through the full GT career mode.

    These new Remote races are driven completely by AI Drivers, competing against each other, and the player does not have to drive the car themselves. This is a unique racing strategy simulation mode of Gran Turismo that allows you to enjoy races as you would in a live race broadcast on TV.

    2. Supporting Remote Racing from the web browser:

    In “Remote Races” you can log in to the official Gran Turismo website using a standard web browser and your PSN ID, and start races, monitor progress and check results. You can basically play GT from anywhere, and level up your B Spec drivers any time.

    3. Tracks made in Course Maker can now be used online:

    You can now bring tracks you created through the simple Course Maker feature and upload them for use in your race lobbies for head to head racing.If you haven’t tried Course Maker yet, you can literally churn out challenging new tracks to race on, in a bunch of cool environments, by just tweaking a few settings. Advanced algorithms help generate unique tracks that are fun to drive on and can be saved and shared.

    4. Car rental system among friends:

    You can now rent cars that your friends have set to “shared” status for online. This allows you to co-operate with your friends to advance in the game, lending or borrowing cars you need amongst each other, in addition to those you have acquired on your own. Haven’t earned enough credits for that sweet SLS AMG? Now you can just take your friend’s ride for a spin!

    5. Multimonitor display compatibility:

    With new multimonitor support, now you can connect multiple PlayStation 3s and multiple monitors to create an ultra high resolution, wide angle field of vision for total immersion. By chaining either 3 or 5 PlayStation 3’s, connected in parallel via LAN, you can create a field of view that covers up to 180 degrees. Pair that with a racing chair and wheel controller setup, and you’re in racing heaven!

    There are some other smaller tweaks here and there that you may notice, but these are the biggest ones that are sure to stand out. It’s pretty cool to see so much support going into the game, especially for free. I’d really to check out the “mutilmonitor display” feature giving me 180° of that sweet PS3/GT5 sugar but I doubt that is going to be happening anytime soon.

    Let me know what you think in the comments below!