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“1979”, A Game about the Iranian Revolution, May Be the Most Intriguing Game Idea of 2011

1979: The Game

I can see my least favorite television host, Glenn Beck, dedicating 60 minutes just about this game. About how it’s “Islamic propaganda to help the caliphate overthrow America with Obama’s/Pelosi’s/Reid’s help and turn our children into Satanic gays!”

In all seriousness, 1979 is nothing except an idea. And a logo. Evidently, the gameplay will consist of a “combination of sandbox and strategy elements”. Regardless on where you stand on American foreign policy, particularly toward Iran, the title certainly sounds intriguing.

In an interview with Joystiq, creator Navid Khonsari said 1979 will take on the Iranian Revolution “from various perspectives”. So, I assume it will include various campaigns with Americans/Other Western Military, Iranian revolutionaries and/or Iranian loyalists. The siege and hostage-taking in the US Embassy in Tehran will be a central part of the game, with three distinct ways to get into Iran to free the hostages at the embassy.

Khonsari aims for a console release, although 1979 is hardly more of a concept at this point. He said that 1979 will “include three distinct sandbox environments.” Multiplayer will also be a part of the game, but the single player (which is just rumors right now) already sounds immensely intriguing.

Khonsari is taking inspiration from Grand Theft Auto III, Bully, and Alan Wake – two games I know are awesome and one I believe is. He also aspires to self-publish the game (which is semi-expected, as it’s hard to see Activision or EA wanting anything to do with a title that could be incredibly controversial.)

Thoughts on 1979? Is this just a GTA clone with an interesting plot? Or a classic game that will be a must-buy on it’s release date?

Via Joystiq