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Rumor: Resident Evil 6 to be a timed PS3 exclusive?

2011 is one crazy year for the PlayStation 3, with Killzone 3 launching yesterday, inFAMOUS 2 in just a few months and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception at the end of the year, our wallets get thinner by the second.

But what if I told you that Sony might have paid Capcom a large wad of cash to make Resident Evil 6 a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 3? Speechless? Yeah.

Games On Net reports that Resident Evil 6 will potentially be an exclusive game for the PlayStation 3 for up to a year, similar to Resident Evil 4’s Gamecube exclusivity in Q1 2005 and release to PS2 in Q4 2005. With GDC coming up this March 1st, it would be a perfect time for SCEA to make this announcement.

To further support this rumor, Alyson Court, the voice of Claire Redfield since Resident Evil 2, recently posted on her Twitter account stills of an audio recording session. When pressed for information in regard to weather this project has been announced, she only gave:

haven’t mentioned this one yet. Top secret, under penalty of death 😉

Considering Claire hasn’t had her own game in ten years, it wouldn’t seem unlikely for her to star in the next RE title. (Jill has Revelations, Leon is starring in Damnation, and Chris just finished Resident Evil 5.)

And finally, if you really think about it, it’d be a CASH cow for Sony. With Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition’s PlayStation Move support, we can assume that Resident Evil 6 will support the same. In addition, this would be the checkmate to motivate many non-PS3 owners to finally pick one up. Sony could bundle Resident Evil 6 with the PS3, a Move controller and PS Eye.
Alyson’s first tweet

Alyson’s second tweet. (Quoted)

Original article: Games On Net