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Another Quality FooBear408 Liveblog Event! | Engadget Meetup

Greetings loyal FooBear408 minions! Looks like another liveblog this Friday will be taking place in my neck of the woods: San Francisco.

The event hailed as the “Engadget Meetup” is being hosted in fog city this time (the event was in NYC last year) and the list of guests is quite impressive. Everyone from PlayStation to OnLive is going to be there, and, of course, yours truly, will be there rubbing elbows and kissing babies. Autographs after my work is done though, Tosh really seems to get out the proverbial liveblog whip…

This gadget giveaway bonanza shindig is set to go down this Friday and doors open around 6pm, word ’round the campfire is get there early as space fills up quickly, so I’ll most likely scamper out there early and will begin coverage around 3pm. So pull up your socks and sign up for what is sure to be another whirlwind liveblog adventure!

If you have any questions, shoot them to our Live Blog Twitter Account @PS3BlogLive

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That’s right human beings — it’s happening again! The Engadget crew is getting together their best party outfits and shipping out west for another installment of our fabulous reader meetups. Our last event in NYC drew loads of people and was an all around blast, and the San Francisco installment is sure to be just as explosive (or maybe more? c’mon… show us what you’ve got). This time around we’re partnering with Sprint, as well as Sony PlayStation, Motorola, HP, Roku, Samsung, VUDU, RIM, Sling, Sonos, HTC, Corning, Sphero, OnLive, Plantronics, Snapstick, and more to bring you a night of gadget geeking, giveaways, delicious foodstuffs, and some awesome music (provided by none other than our podcast producer, Trent Wolbe). Also, a whole mess of the Engadget editors will be on hand to entertain and inform, so if you have any pressing questions — jot them down!

The all ages shindig will take place at City View at The Metreon, which is located conveniently in downtown SF. If you’re a nerd in the city, you most likely already know what we’re talking about. The doors will open at 6:30PM, and capacity is limited to 1200 people — so if you want to get inside, get there early!