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Killzone 3 Sharp Shooter Impressions


The core move, aim & shoot game mechanics are much more immersive with a light gun that you actually aim rather than thumb sticks and buttons. It’s a different play experience that is worth trying. The ergonomics are excellent and the nav controller movement is very intuitive.

Learning Curve

I won’t lie; this is way harder than using a traditional dualshock. When I transitioned my FPS input style of choice from keyboard-only to mouse-look and again to dualshock, I went through long learning curves. It’s possible that I will grow accustomed to this over time but I’m skeptical that I will ever reach my full dualshock level of proficiency.

With limited proficiency, this isn’t a viable option for competitive multiplayer where you will get butchered by dualshock players, but for single player gameplay, this is a ton of fun.

Major Flaw

The huge limitation to this control system is how you turn your character. As it is now, to turn your character, you move the aiming reticle to the edge of the screen to start the turn, hold the aiming reticle steady until you turn as far as you want, and then move your aiming reticule back to center to stop turning. This is very hard to coordinate and completely unnatural. I frequently find my character spinning around while I frantically search for that center, “stop turning” position.

The Ultimate Solution

In a perfect world, the ideal control would have your character turn one-to-one with your real body turns, and stop turning when you stop turning. Ultimately, that can’t happen until gaming hardware moves away from the traditional free-standing TV display form factor and adopts wearable video video glasses that track your head’s orientation and delivers camera control that works just like your body’s natural camera control.

To long time blog readers, I’m sorry for harping on this again, but honestly, this feature is worthy of repeat mention. This single feature would deliver the next level in 3D environment immersion.

Additionally, if anything demands a unique platform and special input hardware, it is this. Who cares about DS-style dual screens and NGP-style back plate touch control silliness, when you can have a genuinely transformative input paradigm?